Fox 360 Cauz Pant

Fox 360 Cauz Pant
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  • Fox 360 Cauz Pant
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aVAILABLE Size: 28

aVAILABLE Color: Yellow


Race-proven gear from the engineers at Fox Racing is now available in their 2016 360 Cauz pants, with the strength and mobility needed for extreme motocross racing. They're made from durable, long-lasting polyester fabric and have an ergonomic design in race attack position for the perfect fit while riding. They also feature a double layer knee system, with durable inner material with heat and abrasion-resistant leather outer panels. Whether you want to suit up to match the colors of your bike or you want a truly flashy appearance, you're sure to get noticed in Fox Racing dynamic and unique color graphics. 

Additional features: 

* Quad stretch rear yoke, allowing the pants to move with the rider
* 4-way stretch front gusset for complete mobility
* Active stretch knee panels for unrestricted movement over knee braces 
* Vented TPR thigh and knee logos enhance airflow