Fox 180 Vandal Pant

Fox 180 Vandal Pant
kr 503,40
kr 1 678,00


  • Fox 180 Vandal Pant
  • 10785-586-30 Back
Available Size: 30
Available Color: Yellow/Blue
1. New DesignRAP (RiderAttackPosition) Adoption
A riding posture and perfect Fit, wear Stress relieve extremes
2. Use of durable 600 denier Polyester fabric
3. Place the knee parts resistant to heat and friction LeatherPanel
4. Knee · Crotchless part Stretch panel flexibility in movement of the Rider Support

Value · Style · Performance, all in an ideal 180 Pants..
With durability in mind, the body and use of durable 600 denier Polyester fabric.
To prevent thermal burns and loads, and place the Leather on knee.
Immense 180 Pants always provides more than Standard Quality Performance.